Volunteers Needed

A Volunteer Run Organization

Volunteers are integral to the mission of GMHFH. Volunteers serve on our board, perform the daily tasks to keep the organization running, participate in fundraising, and put in the muscle for construction.

Join the Resource Development Committee

Who makes a good Resource Development Committee member? Anyone with a desire to advocate for our cause, and raise funds to support it.

Committee members will identify or create potential fundraising opportunities; approach potential donors (individuals, corporations, churches, etc.) for monetary, in-kind, or volunteer support; plan, coordinate, and implement special fundraising events; execute annual direct mailing campaign; write grants; help coordinate GMHFH public relations and marketing, including press releases, flyers, brochures, newsletters, website development, local television requests, etc.

We welcome all types of volunteers interested in helping us. We are looking for: leaders who will create funding plans and solicit major donors; office workers doing research and writing grants; public speakers to spread the message to various groups; and event staffers to sell tickets and collect the cash. New ideas are created at every Committee meeting, so come join us and let your imagination go wild!

Who We Are

Working in Greater Manchester

Greater Manchester Habitat for Humanity has been operating in the Greater Manchester area since 1992, building houses and helping low-income families in other ways. GMHFH is a nondenominational, non-profit housing ministry with the goal to eliminate poverty one home at a time. We partner with local families and volunteers to build homes and build communities.

We are in the process of expanding our programs and increasing our community presence, and moving forward we are looking to form partnerships with local community business leaders, churches, and various groups. In addition, we have a major construction project currently underway.

Funding Needs

At 50 Hosley Street in Manchester stands an empty, fire-damaged building. In the future, that lot will be home to three families and bustling with activity. However, to get from ash and fire to hearth and home we need help.

GMHFH raises all of the money necessary to construct affordable housing and maintain our not-for-profit operation. We partner with volunteers and homeowners to keep construction costs low, but building materials in New England are expensive. Our work of building decent, affordable homes depends greatly on generous contributions from individuals, corporations and local businesses, faith-based organizations, and youth groups.

Fundraising Activities


GMHFH puts on various events through the year, from small pancake breakfasts to large outdoor festivals. The main purpose of these events is to spread awareness of the issue of poverty housing while engaging the community in fun events.


Being a corporate sponsor of a GMHFH house is beneficial to our partner families, our organization, and our corporate partners. Besides the specific benefits for the different sponsorship levels, our partners are aligned with a well recognized and respected non-profit, and have the right to advertise or otherwise promote that relationship with. Also, our partners demonstrate to their employees, customers and other stakeholders that they are a socially conscious leader in the Greater Manchester community.

Direct Donations


Each time a business decides to contribute goods or services to Manchester Habitat, they save the organization thousands of dollars that would have otherwise been directed to purchase.


GMHFH is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, so your donation is tax-deductible. Direct donations help us give a helping hand to people right here in the Greater Manchester area. Money will allow us to purchase materials needed to build a home. It also allows us to hire contractors to do specialized work such as electrical and plumbing work.


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Home Ownership Opportunities
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