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Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity International is a non-profit, nondenominational Christian housing ministry with the goal that every man, woman and child should have a decent, safe and affordable place to live. In the 34 years since it’s creation, Habitat for Humanity has built more that 350,000 homes, sheltering more that 1.75 million families worldwide. Greater Manchester Habitat for Humanity is proud to be one of the 1,500 affiliates operating in the United States, and regularly supports one or more of the 550 affiliates in foreign countries.

In Greater Manchester

GMHFH is the local affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International. Affiliates contribute to the overarching goal of eliminating poverty by addressing the specific needs of the communities they serve. At Greater Manchester, we serve the towns of Manchester, Hooksett, Candia, Auburn, Derry, Londonderry, Litchfield, Bedford and Goffstown.

Established in 1992, Greater Manchester has built 6 homes and helped local, low-income homeowners with more than 12 smaller projects. Right now, GMHFH is in the process of rebuilding and re-establishing our presence in the community; we hope to increase the number of houses built in order to better serve the people in need.

We can’t do it alone. We need volunteers to help us build a future together, and donations to make that vision a reality.

Volunteers Needed

A Volunteer Run Organization

Volunteers are integral to the mission of GMHFH. Volunteers serve on our board, perform the daily tasks to keep the organization running, participate in fundraising, and put in the muscle for construction.

Join the Construction Committee

Who makes a good Construction Committee member? Anyone with experience or knowledge of site development or building homes – surveyors, architects, material suppliers, carpenters, etc. Committee members interface with designers, suppliers, engineers, city planners, subcontractors, individuals and organizations who play a role in the build. The team obtains permits; prepares construction schedules and materials lists; manages procurement of materials; interfaces with municipalities and regulatory officials; and oversees the work of subcontractors and volunteers.

Right now, we are looking for experienced members of the construction community who are dedicated to the cause of eliminating poverty housing. We are looking for leaders eager to tackle a challenge, and to take it on as volunteers for no profit. In particular, the committee needs a construction manager to head the project, and crew leaders to help carry it to completion. We know that it is a lot to ask for in the current economic state, but we have faith that the community will respond to the need.

Our Current Project

From Fire and Ash to Hearth and Home

Three years ago a small fire on the second floor porch turned into a blaze that spread through second and third floors of a three-family home at 50 Hosley Street in Manchester. The building was abandoned, boarded up, and left to sit for years. Where many people saw the sad end of a building, the owner contacted Greater Manchester Habitat for Humanity hoping to give the building a chance to make a difference for the future. Partnering with the City of Manchester, GMHFH was able to purchase the property using Neighborhood Stabilization Funds and has begun to turn a damaged structure into a home for local families in need.

The project was just cleared by the ZBA for the required variance, and a building permit is underway. Plans are in the works to make the building as green and energy efficient as possible for the families who will live there. GMHFH is seeking families to partner with, volunteers, local business and church groups to turn a once abandoned property into the homes of their dreams.

Once the current building project is complete, three low-income families of Greater Manchester will become homeowners, living in safe, decent housing. With low-cost mortgage payments, the families won’t have to worry about sacrificing other necessities in order to keep a roof over their head. With newly constructed homes built to the exacting Habitat standards, the families won’t be concerned about the health conditions their children are living in.

Help us build this home and build our community!


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